Mooji Video: Truth is Not An Effect

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Who is the seer of “It”? What is “It”? Mooji explains that we are missing the obvious.

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Cecile says:

Thank you beloved Mooji for this pointing! As I mentioned before, to me the music is rather loud and disturbing, it makes it difficult to stay focussed. Anyhow thank you!!

veena says:

Thank you…

Elizabeth benson says:

Thank you Mooji. This teaching brings clarity and understanding to me.

Kanchan says:

Wonderful pointing.thank you Mooji.

Margit Rajda says:

IGEN! Köszönöm, Mooji.

Hermann says:

pure love … tears and joy and power and silence …. presence … mind still , heart open 🙂 <3

Claudine gasser says:

To me this flute rythmus is enhancing, matching with beloved Mooji ‘s pointing…
Namaste Mooji ️

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