Mooji Videos: How to Love Without Attachment

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This short 6 minute video examines the ability to love someone without the imposition of attachments.

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veena says:

Validating! Thank you!

Mr. B says:

How is it that I feel more in touch
With my potential and true self when
I’m with someone who loves me?
It seems easier to care for myself.
As if I have a safe container to stretch
My wings and fly.
I somehow feel empowered.
People say I look younger have
More vitality. It’s all true.
I really don’t think man is meant
To be alone. All wounds are created in
Relationship and healed in Relationship.
Your thoughts?

Me says:

Sounds like thoughts with a leech-like quality in the mind.

Claudia says:

♥️Wonderful message for Valentine’s day❤️

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