Mooji Videos: A Closer Look at Nothing

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Mooji explains that the “nothing” he is talking about is not the “nothing” that is understood by the mind. He is speaking of a “nothing” beyond the concept of “nothing”.

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Nayana says:

There is no facade of something,nothing is giving freedom,emptiness,peace,joy….Thanks for new dimension…..great relief…..Namste Guruji.

Nayana says:

After sharing, great resistance attacked…..but I am nothing…..

rowena says:

wonderful, important, and can the knife cut itself, the scales weigh themselves?…thank you for the video.

Saraswathi says:

Dear Mooji ji

You’ve pinched on the question which has been
Going on for a long time. There us a feeling
Somebody is living in this body just enacting tjis

Margit Rajda says:

Semmi vagyok. /Köszönöm, Mooji!/

Thia says:

Thank you, sweet Mooji ,Namaste.

Ravi Kaushal says:

Mooji Darling what you have discarded earlier thoughts mind are giving to that in the shape of your most important question…see that its a same trap!see that!

Linda says:

Thanks Mooji namastè

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