Mooji Video: Use Your Circumstances as a Door to the Self

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Mooji explains that often undesirable circumstances can be the best opportunity to realize the “Self”.  We must use our circumstances as a tool to open the door to the self.

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Vesna says:

Beautiful and powerfull, as always. Points directly.
All gratitude to beloved N

Vesna says:

Gratitude to beloved Mooji

Eric says:

Circumstances / schemers stances Come inside now children – time for supper ( The Lords supper ). – This message is so sweet – a mooji message for the ages

Nayana says:

Today tough circumstances happened that moved me rigorously,but at the same time unchangable Awareness kept me peaceful…. I experienced peace.

Kevin says:

To move completely out of doubt..
Wow, once those words wear spoken I witness how seeing shifting.

Sean says:

thank you the truth you talk is the truth I always knew was in me. Thank you for reminding me from today I will start to teach again.

Aleta Groat says:

“the journey in is greater than the journey out, and it is shorter” — I love that! An inspiring video!

hilde says:

Oooh this come so in time…..thank you thankyou…..

sally says:

Beloved Guruji Mooji
Thank You
All Is Shiva

Palesa says:

Just what I needed to hear this morning, life has been showing me flames, i just wanted to give up last night…..but….I choose to be still.

Johanna says:

Such a great message,Reminds me of a small book I read called ( THE DOOR TO EVERYTHING ) Written by Ruby Nelson.Thank you Mooji I so enjoy your teachings.

Anonymous says:

thank you! thank you!

lynley says:

So powerful! Yes

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