Mooji Video: The One Who Was Never Born

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In this lovely little ten minute video, Mooji dives in to his “two  bird” metaphor to reveal that the One that we are is actually beyond the active bird and the one that observes.  Let’s clear our minds and absorb the pointing of this video…

Includes German translation.

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Uva says:

What a beautiful gift beloved Mooji Baba.Thank you,Thank you, Thank you! The silence of the third bird is the most precious of all songs…….

Anonymous says:

That.s very good pointing that only high awakend person in my fall my love guru to see can,but even the first bird that try to make nest is aware of the comon danger even is aware of second birds but in so coll real life the first bird.s say we just trx to make your ordinary life as normal life what ever of danger come and get the first bird just must to do what the birds do notmal every day and must be autentic as secret player of the second bird,is the first birds make your job ordinary and nothink think about just like baby the first bird was sucess even the second bird is more sucess by the fall, that is only becsouse we live in so control world that every moment and every nexst momrnt is know by first bird.s and csn be cocreate by bad or good said,in my fall I must get ctross black field on to end by come to light,and that.s mean shame blaim a.f quilt way what is say we as part of deal by unknown,that.s mean you have you but you not know in way attack you,as I saw wich way i must go by every day attack thats mean that.s was only one way that enemy choos for me,if i try to stoo all that and I have try,the thing.s get even more stronger on me,and I can be only be kill on this way,as i deeply bx unknown way understant how that plax get I must even get that way,even that first bird.s is sllways falls player for second birf.s,all that was openly ptesent for all huanitx and put thay to mske self to choose want to help first bird or make to first bird jugment to be kill ehat on secret by srcond bird.s that make real play mske difficult and tok first bird seven year by full juhment of humanity on difficult fase to come on end of play,if that not happend,if that was not fall the first bird csn be for long time be finidhed your game by unknown or we coll fase of life finish,even that all awakening been that say I can see you,I saw you,he must know or judt know that private sfere of first bird is bx universe low nobody have permission to teach whatever hsppend in the private sferr of first bird,as thay teach my sfere and put even on public level as big show,that was first great win of black,becsouse thay pick up all ehat in my sfere was,and that was to mach black been energy black magic a.i every thung that was make big cunami by every to taeach sfere of first bird,even thay duty wad to help first bird on any way ,or even stay neutral becaouse first bird make self war all time……and try to not mix in this war no one person of humanity even the firstbird have give warning by begin on story by sac high person……the end of war is comening on sac secret way my guru even we never see as before…..was nobody cam understant how that work… …you ser now clearly what is meaning of heart way and all this dirty war where humanity snd all of humsnici can be lockt by black and never come out what is not stophappend width as……

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