Mooji Video: A Christmas Message Without Delusion

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In this 7 minute video from many years ago, Mooji provides a deep Christmas message without delusions. If the statement “YOU are the Christ in Jesus” offends you, you may want to move on.  If it inspires you or intrigues you, then you will want to listen closely to every word of this very special message.

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Joanne Lafond says:

May I make a request here to Mooji?

Diing conciously the unreal.
Seen as undividable and as I am, that leaves me and I here talking to myself embodied and minded. Seen as undividable and as I am, is there still time to use “you” in conversation?

And it felt as it is and was, that I held consciousness as my property. I now see conciousness is a property of I am. That attribute of I am attributes I am. Seeing that is like seeing my joy in a baby.
Thanks, I am.

Diing conciously the unreal.

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