Mooji Answers: There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Angry

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In this 6 minute video, Mooji explains that there are circumstances where anger is an appropriate reaction as a human being and that it can be worse to suppress the anger. He goes on to explain that one can reach a point where they are outwardly expressing anger while in their heart they remain in complete serenity.

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Rajda Margit says:

IGEN!!! Köszönöm, Mooji!

dianne says:

Sometimes injustice carries on and on, for example re. our own government’s oppression and cruelty to the disabled in the UK, and many feel unable to get this addressed. So many have been suffering at the hands of cruel leaders – not like the enormous suffering in Syria etc at this time, but still very very significant suffering and many suicides here as a result of benefits being stopped for the disabled as well as the unemployed….
I feel angry, and cannot seem to help feeling angry, and this is long term. What can be done?

dianne says:

Further to this example, there is a situation in my own life where I feel very angry and yet an powerless to do anything. Also anything I try to do ends up leaving me feeling I have made the wrong decision and it was a big mistake which causes even more upset and tension – which has taken its toll on my physical health… Sometimes people get stuck in their anger and cannot move on. That is how I feel. I feel trapped.
Now I know in a way the answer to this. To watch, feel, not react – what else can I do. The suffering from this situation is torment and cyclical. How do I address all this anger?

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