Mooji Video: No Driver Required

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In this beautiful 5 minute video clip from Mooji we find a seeker coming to a beautiful recognition that upon Awakening, even the “I am” can not be found and you can again welcome the universe to do its thing with the body without requiring designated driver.

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Diane Williams Giese says:

FREEDOM thank you Moojiji

Gillian says:

A daily dose of Mooji keeps the ego away.

Melody says:

While watching Satsang on YouTube, I’ve learned how to listen to the quiet and to become quiet. It’s beautiful and so liberating. A healthy mind is a quiet mind. As the ego fades, I laugh now at it’s attempts at appearing as a person. Kind of like a small child in a Halloween costume believing that nobody knows the truth under the disguise. Now I know the Truth and when the doorbell rings, I don’t answer. No more “tricks”. Thank you Mooji!!! God Bless!!

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