Mooji Video: “I Am” is a Shape-Shifter

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In this 11 minute clip from an interview with Amy Torres, Mooji explains that there is nothing other than “Awareness” and that “Awareness” in the body becomes “I Am” which can take many shapes. He then goes on to explain the different positions that “I Am” can take.

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Jane says:

How Sad To undermind dreams ,There Is A Dream World And A Reall World..and There Is A Spirit World And All Are Connected To Our Being ..I Dream Things That People Do In Reality. For Example , I saw In a dream A woman being unfaithfull to Her Husband .I saw In The dream What they were Up Too…I saw A Baby In A womans Womb ..And It Was So …Dreams Can Guide Us or Some dreams Dont mean anything ..I Am Whats in My DNA Nothing More..
Thankyou 🙂 Blessings Always

sally says:

Thank You
Jai . Om Namah Shivi Om

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