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This video is four minutes of pure gold. Mooji speaks again of the fact that NOTHING needs to be done, no do’s and don’ts, no special rituals, no conditions to be met to be the “truth” that you are. This is must see!

In this seven minute, Mooji explores tendencies to suffer for others. Many times when one is presented with a friend, relative or stranger in the midst of suffering, our nature’s reaction is to take on the other person’s problems mentally in order to help the other person with their suffering, but most often people bear their own suffering better than you suffering on their behalf.

In this video, Mooji explains that beneath the stain of the ego identity lies the infinite being that we are and that we must use Satsang for nothing other than to completely remove this illusion so we may shine bright in our own being of peace, love and grace.

This beautiful five minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and quotes from Mooji. This video focuses on moving from intellectual understanding to understanding with the heart.

In this 10 minute video, Mooji responds to a questioner in Satsang asking “I don’t trust myself it seems, how can I trust myself?” Mooji explains the answer to this question and how to approach all similar types of questions as well.

Here is the link for Adyashanti’s version mentioned at the beginning of the video:

In this eight minute clip from Satsang in Rishikesh, India (March 2nd, 2017), Mooji explains that often the closer we get to making real progress, the mind will throw up its greatest efforts of avoidance and resistance. Let’s listen in on the advice from Mooji on how to deal with this…

In this eight minute video clip from Mooji, he explains that most of the fear and suffering we experience as human beings are actually based of ghost stories recreated from memory by the mind.  And then he provides some practical advice on not being overtaken by these illusions. Let’s listen in…

In this eight minute clip we find Mooji sharing the Truth on Skype.  He explains how we are the intelligent space that allows the play of duality to take place, while at the same time being the witness to all that is happening.  Let’s listen…

In this eight minute video, Mooji explains that often our mental fears keep us living like sheep but that it is ok to feel fear, its ok to feel lost and feel this fully as long as we remain as the witness until it passes and you can finally say a complete “yes” to your true being.

Includes Spanish translation.

Here is a short ten minute, yet powerful video created by combining music, images, and live audio quotes from Mooji. Just sit back, relax and absorb the power of Mooji’s words.

In this twelve minute audio from one of Mooji’s Satsangs, Mooji explores the meaning behind the concept of “Attention” and that in the beginning it is beneficial to remain aware of attention but it is not necessary to do this forever once one becomes established in the “I am”.

Sometimes we combine with the mind and then you believe this confusion is you. Spirituality is knowing the difference between your mind, which is where your conditioning and identity live and you who is the Self.

This three and half minute video offers the best Mantra one can have.

In this video Mooji covers a lot of ground but its unique perspective is the realization that the body is required to provide a tool for consciousness to reflect upon itself. Without the body you can not have the knowledge or the taste of consciousness. Through the body the reflection can be known, similar to looking in a mirror.

In this short video clip, Mooji explains that all that is going on in this world is a play of consciousness and that soon big changes are coming. He also reminds us that the biggest change that needs to take place is for consciousness to shift its focus from the outside world to the inside world.

In this 7 minute spontaneous talk, Mooji explains that we are both Universal, yet at the same time we maintain a certain individual aspect. He explains that we are ONE not because we look the same but that we all come from the same source. We are one in nature, yet infinite forms of expressions.

In this five minute video, Mooji replies to a written inquiry from a seeker that wants to know how to reach that perfect state of realization and is it possible for everyone to reach that state regardless of their prior conditioning.

In this amazingly relaxing five minute video clip from Mooji, we find him talking about understanding the most fundamental principle as a strong foundation for our awakening.  Why not take five minutes right now to absorb a moment of  “Truth” with Mooji…

In this mini five minute Satsang given on one of his walks, Mooji responds to an inquiry asking “I would like this to be my last life”.  Mooji explains that these types of statements start off as a misunderstanding and that “Awakening” necessarily eliminates the one concerned with reincarnation.  Let’s listen in as Mooji explains…

In this seven minute clip from a spontaneous talk in 2014, Mooji drives home the point that we must be diligent in realizing when we are letting the ego (or person-hood)  stand in the way of complete freedom.  Let’s listen and see if we can catch ourselves doing the exact thing Mooji is talking about…

In this magical thirteen minute video, Mooji takes us all the way back into emptiness so that we can experience, even if only for a moment, the joy of our true nature as silence.  Let’s begin the experience…