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This three and a half minute video is a wonderful tool to use when experiencing unpleasant moods or past pains that may come up. Mooji speaks to us directly and offers relief from the mind’s torment when suffering through this type of mind play.

In this super short video from an interview with Mooji, he responds to questions about satisfaction, wants, desires, and simplicity of life.  Even though we can see in this interview that a seed existed within him to move from England, we also can see that there was no plan, no goal, only a contentment for living for the moment, and yet life has brought him to Monte Sahaja and an entire community built around him.

In this 10 minute clip from Zmar, Mooji takes us on a very relaxing introspection of remaining as nothing (or nobody).  This clip is almost a guided meditation helping us to see that all we are experiencing are just movements in time.

In this super short 4 minute video, Mooji responds to a questioner wanting to know if we need outside help to awaken or is there truly nothing that we can do anyways. Listen to what Mooji has to say…

In this eight minute video, Mooji talks about the purpose of spirituality being the realization of the the “I AM” (Pure Beingness), free of attachments to perception or the objects of perception. He then goes on to explain that for a few there comes the realization that even the unassociated being (I Am) is found to be a concept. Let’s listen in as he explains…

This beautiful six minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and quotes from Mooji. This video focuses on diving deeply into the realm of the “Self”.

In this thirteen minute video, a seeker wants to know what she can do with bad memories and guilt from the past that keep coming up over and over again.  Mooji responds by offering some gentle advice to try to lead her out of the identification with these thoughts.

In this wonderful ten minute clip from Mooji, he explains that what he is pointing to may well be simple in nature, but can easily be missed because what he is talking about is even more subtler than space.  It is only a matter of recognizing this space that has always been within us.  Let’s listen to his explanation…

Translated into Spanish.

In this eight minute video clip, a seeker asks questions about his journey and Mooji reminds us not to fall for the mind’s tricks that are meant to reinforce your person-hood.  Let’s listen now…



This short five minute video demonstrates Mooji’s beautiful view of religion.

This 8 minute clip is so amazing that one must pay attention to every sentence. Two of the major points are “Remain as the ‘Self’ and let the ‘Self’ take care of your life” and “Activity of life is not in conflict with the ‘Truth’.

In this super short 4 minute video, Mooji answers the question “When is the End of Inquiry?”

In this video, Mooji shares that when facing a difficult loss, it is perfectly normal to grieve and that the grieving process should be experienced fully and not cut short in an attempt to cover up the grieving.

Mooji speaks of the stillness in deep sleep that is also here in the waking state and how easily we are willing to abandon this stillness for the highs and lows that playing the person offers because we are addicted to experiencing. But the truth is that we can continue to experience life without buying in to a ghost story.

In this 2 minute video, Mooji provides a short and direct reply to the question, “Is It Important to Devote Time to Meditation?”. It is important to note that although Mooji says it is very important to devote time to meditation, he also immediately inserts that he is not speaking of the usual meaning of meditation which is normally focused on an object.

In this 9 minute video, Mooji answers a question from a seeker on how to best use the mind and how to best guide the mind. In answer to the question, Mooji explains that the focus should be on realizing the “Self” and abide as the self which has no need to use the mind for anything.

This amazing five minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and  quotes from Mooji.

This amazing 9 minute video created by Lucia Lagana combines music, images, and quotes from Mooji, including a live video clip in which we find Mooji sharing words of wisdom.

This beautiful five minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and quotes from Mooji. This video focuses on the glorious shining of the Supreme once the ego has been shed.

Here is a very short five minute, yet powerful video created by Lucia Lagana combining music, images, and quotes from Mooji. Just sit back, relax and absorb the power of Mooji’s words.

In this short four minute video, Mooji reveals the truth about Karma being for the idea people have about themselves (the person) and not for the true Self.  He goes on to explain the illusion of Karma and its relationship to our illusory self.  Lets listen in as he offers his words of wisdom…