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In this short five minute excerpt from a Sunday Satsang held October 2017, Mooji talks about the beauty and power of complete surrender.

In this short 5 minute video, Mooji explains that Awakening is not about becoming a stone Buddha or someone that is always in serious meditation. In fact, an awakened one experiences total freedom to have fun and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Here is a wonderful 20 minute guided meditation from Mooji called “Nothing Here But You”. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

In this short 6 minute video, Mooji responds to a seeker wanting to know that if she surrenders, will the right things come to her. Mooji explains that true surrender would not leave a “me” waiting for anything to be fulfilled and that true surrender does not involve making deals that everything will be alright.

This six minute video starts out with a seeker wanting to know “How do I keep myself quiet?”. In answering her question, Mooji helps us understand the difference between Vipassana and Satsang and that all of the questions designed to request help to awaken are mostly in vein since there is no way to help yourself (your true self) because you can only recognize yourself.

In this 7 minute video, Mooji explains that no matter what life circumstance one has to live with, having the ability to discern between the mind and what watches the mind is all that is needed to realize the Truth. Let’s listen in…

Here is a wonderful little five minute video/audio in which Mooji reminds all of us that We Are That!  This video combines music, text and audio from Mooji that all works together to create a certain receptive mood to impress upon us that we are “Like The Infinite Sky”.

In this great little 6 minute video recorded on one of Mooji’s walks, he talks to us about God and that no matter what we call God, there is nothing outside of God.  Let’s listen…

In this short little five minute video filmed on one of Mooji’s walks, he explains that deep inside all that is shines the light of grace and that within each one of us lives the potential to fully release this light and become a beacon of light for others.

In this 8 minute video, Mooji reveals the simple yet ever powerful secret of the Sages. The metaphor used in this video has been told to us repeatedly yet it is the difference between a Sage and one who struggles with mind’s incessant attempts to regain control of our attention, focus and sense of identity.

This beautiful five minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and  quotes from Mooji. The theme of this video is that mind will never be pure as long as it carries the smell of a person. Please comment below if you enjoyed this format for sharing Mooji’s words.

In this 5 minute video, Mooji replies to a question from a seeker wanting to know how long it is going to take for the answer (realization) to come. Mooji responds by explaining that as long as the validity of the question and questioner remains, Realization will not occur.

In this eight minute video, Mooji responds to the question, “Is It Possible to Experience Unconditional Love in a Romantic Relationship?”  Mooji explains that first it must start with a place of wholeness within you and that true unconditional love is not based on demands or expectations.

In this eight minute video, Mooji responds to an inquiry from someone who wants to know the best way to relate to those who have not realized the self or wish to deny the truth.  Let’s listen as Mooji responds with a simple and amusing answer…

This video is less than 2 minutes long and yet describes very quickly the cause of all “Problems”.

In this 9 minute video, Mooji explains that we are prior to anything that can be named, labeled or described. Although they are connected to us somehow, we are “prior to” anything that can be identified. We are the canvas of space in which all of consciousness expresses itself.

In this short 6 minute video, Mooji answers a very, very common question that brings a lot of confusion to many. How are we suppose to know when we have finally awakened? Listen (with your heart) to what Mooji says…

In this short impromptu video moment, Mooji explains that we should live our lives as the sky (emptiness and free). Enjoy this moment of wisdom with Mooji outside of the formal setting of public Satsangs.

In this very short two minute video from Mooji, he responds to an inquiry about the meaning of being committed “All the Way” as it applies to the discovery of the Truth.

In this super short two minute video, Mooji explains that most of us will hear the calling of the Universe from within to stop playing the fictitious character we have been playing and come home to the “Self”.

In this seven minute audio, Mooji points us to the sacred place within us and helps us to identify and remove all of the weeds of the mind. This audio can also be used as a great short guided meditation.