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In this seven minute video, Mooji explains that we are already home but we are dreaming that somehow we are not home and believe that there is this place that we need to get too. Mooji explains…

(Features Portuguese Subtitles)

In this six minute video from Mooji, he offers advice on what to do when our attention seems to be alternating between mind and heart.  He explains that instead of trying to silence the mind, which is next to impossible, we can easily ignore the mind instead.  Let’s listen to Mooji’s explanation…

This 8 minute video is one of the most precious Mooji videos. It explains what it is like to BE life as the self.

Words from the Masters often appear to contradict each other. Mooji explains in this video that they appear as contradictions depending on the position of the “I”.

Mooji explains that we are already “That” and every thought, every idea, every concept we have until this is fully realized is simply the play of consciousness.

In this video Mooji is SUPER DIRECT and is not kidding around. It’s time to really take a look at WHO is asking all of these questions. When asking a question, we must check in first and ask “Who is asking this question?” Is it the mind? Is it the beingness? Why waste everyone’s time answering the frivolous questions of the mind? There’s really no need to find a fictitious answer for a fictitious question coming from a fictitious sense of self.

In this very short video, Mooji reminds us that the beingness can not be disturbed. Only the idea we have about ourselves can be molested by other ideas (thoughts).  The beingness has no ideas about itself therefor it always remains untouched.

Mooji explains that in what we truly are there are no teachings.  As pure awareness, the concepts that are used to try to explain or point us to what we are are completely irrelevant and of no use.

This video is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series which focuses on Mooji helping a inquirer come to a place of recognition. This first part focuses on the subject having deep feelings of unworthiness which is quite common among seekers.

Click here for Part 2.

In this 10 minute clip from one of Mooji’s Satsangs, he explains that the roles that we play are all happening by themselves and that the experiencer, that which is being experienced and the functioning of experiencing is all happening all by itself within consciousness. Once we realize our true position, one becomes more and more comfortable remaining in that place of seeing rather than following the mind in an attempt to control the functioning of consciousness.

This beautiful four minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and  quotes from Mooji.  This video focuses on reestablishing yourself in “Truth”.

In this AMAZING 9 minute video clip from Mooji over nine years ago, he explains that there is nothing that needs to be done to be what you are. He also explains that we need not fall into the trap of trying to do something to remain stable in the awareness. Listen to Mooji as he helps us realize that what we are is simply prior to ALL…

In this 10 minute video, a long time devotee explains that he feels that in order for him to feel completely whole and fulfilled he has a need to find a love, a partner. He also says that he knows this is not true but that this vasana seems to be incredibly persistent and won’t go away. Listen to Mooji’s response…

In this five minute video clip filmed at the Kannapa Temple in Tiruvannamalai, India, we see Mooji having an impromptu Satsang explaining that the first step in “realizing” the God-Self within us is to learn how to bring our attention away from the forest of associations and attachments.

In this five minute video, Mooji responds to a questioner wanting to know why it seems that Mooji resides in a state of bliss.  He explains how it is possible for one to experience bliss, even if one appears to be miserable. Let’s listen in to his explanation…

German translation included (Click CC).

In this eight minute video from 2010, Mooji responds to the beautiful Mirabai (from Mooji’s Sangha in Sahaja) about the question, “I can see what I am not, but is this enough?” Let’s listen to Mooji’s beautiful response…

In this ten minute clip from Mooji, he reminds us that to realize the self we need to stop focusing on ALL THE IMAGES AND THOUGHTS that occur before our being and only focus on the one who watches or experiences these images and thoughts. Mooji has told us this thousands of times and yet most seekers keep doing the exact opposite.

This ten minute guided meditation from Mooji will help guide your attention back to your true self.  Let’s just sit back, relax and listen as Mooji provides the golden message of truth and freedom…

In this great video clip, Mooji takes a seeker from a place of total confusion and emotional wreckage to a place of total peace and helps her to realize that this peace is always present and available buried under all the noise of the mind.

We only need to drop everything we have read, everything else we’ve been told, only direct our attention to the source of attention, the source of all… simply awareness.  You are that!

Many find that they can not get rid of doubts (in their assimilation of the “Truth”) and wonder if there will ever come a day when they can be so certain of their position that there is no longer doubt. In this eight minute video from Mooji, he replies to the question, “Is it possible to be without doubt?”