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In this 10 minute impromptu moment, Mooji shares a few words about love and calls the whole world to come home to the “Self”.

In this short impromptu moment with Mooji, he talks to us about being and remaining one with our true self whether we are meditating or in daily activities.  He explains that this is possible because we don’t truly need the psychological mind (and its activities) to be ourselves.

Here is a short ten minute, yet powerful video created by combining music, images, and live audio quotes from Mooji. Just sit back, relax and absorb the power of Mooji’s words.

This six minute guided meditation from Mooji will help guide your attention back to your true self.  Let’s just sit back, relax and listen as Mooji provides the golden message of truth and freedom…

In this nine minute video filmed on one of Mooji’s walks, he explains very clearly how psychological suffering works and how we can quickly detect the symptoms and bring our attention back to the self.

We all have 5 minutes to spare. This five minute guided meditation from Mooji will help guide your attention back to your true self.  Let’s just sit back, relax and listen as Mooji provides the golden message of truth and freedom…

In this very short three minute clip, Mooji reminds us that when the person is “not working” is often a time when the universe brings us what we need to realize a “successful” inner life and kick the person we think ourselves to be to the curb of ignorance.

Here is the full three hour video this clip was taken from:

Here is another wonderful 6 minute video created by Lucia Lagana combining music, AMAZING images, and quotes from Mooji, including live video and audio clips in which we find Mooji sharing words of wisdom.

In this great little twelve minute video, Mooji reminds us that once we realize our true nature and have chosen freedom, we will no longer want to give in to the old habits and ways of the ego.

In this short little five minute video filmed on one of Mooji’s walks, he explains that deep inside all that is shines the light of grace and that within each one of us lives the potential to fully release this light and become a beacon of light for others.

In this six minute clip, a participant says that she has realized that she can “do this” without Mooji, but that it makes her so sad to know this.  Let’s listen to Mooji’s lovely and compassionate response…

In this lovely ten minute moment filmed on one of his walks,  Mooji explains that humanity must go beyond person-hood in order to transcend all of the shortfalls of believing in such a delusion which is responsible for so much suffering in the world.

In this twelve minute moment with Mooji captured on film in Monte Sahaja, he explains that in our inner most being there is no room for two.  Either you (ego, person) are there or God (consciousness, awareness) is there. There is no room for two.  Let’s listen and try to understand the deepest meaning of what is being said…

In this nine minute audio clip from a Satsang in Monte Sahaja, Mooji speaks on the power of staying as the “Isness”.  He reminds us that the mind is always trying to invite us into personal identification but remaining as the Isness allows us to just watch as the invitation comes and goes.

Here is the link to the full version of this Satsang:

In this twelve minute video captured on one of his walks, Mooji shares his story of searching, discovering and understanding universality.  He explains the urge within him that led him to the realization of the one and only self and the dissolution of the separate false entity we know as “me”.

In this five minute video, Mooji discusses how experiencing Satsang in the presence of a Sangha can be more effective and beneficial than just watching a Satsang online by yourself.  Let’s listen to Mooji as he explains…

To find out about a possible Sangha nearest you, please go to the following link:



In this wonderful 17 minute audio from Monte Sahaja, Mooji offers some detailed practical advice on how to deal with negative emotions and mind attacks.  Since this offers the answer to one of the most sought after questions, lets listen in very carefully to his advice…

This super short three minute video of a Skype Satsang from long ago is one who should be watched often as it deals with a reoccurring question and issue.  Because of certain thoughts and beliefs that we hold, we often feel that there are many distractions that “take us away from our true Self”.  In this video, Mooji reminds that nothing can ever take us away from what we are and why this is so.  Let’s listen…

Includes German translation.

In this ten minute video from 2013, Mooji explains that it seems as though our life is about what is happening on the outside, but in actually our life is about what happens on the inside and that the most auspicious aspiration we can have is to get to know our true nature.

Includes German translation.

In this lovely little ten minute video, Mooji dives in to his “two  bird” metaphor to reveal that the One that we are is actually beyond the active bird and the one that observes.  Let’s clear our minds and absorb the pointing of this video…

Includes German translation.

In this HILARIOUS eleven minute clip of Mooji, an inquiry comes in the form of a letter wanting to know the requirements needed to perform Satsangs and what to do to remain pure as the “Self” during the process of Satsang.