Recently Added Videos

This 8 minute clip from one of Mooji’s Rishikesh (2016) Satsangs focuses on shedding everything down to what can not be shed to remind us that we are not anything that is happening.

In life we often encounter circumstances that make us wonder “why is this happening?” The mind is always ready to jump to conclusions and make (mostly false) assumptions. In this 10 minute video from Mooji, he uses a story which demonstrates that we often can not tell why something is happening but that life can be trusted to bring about events that we could not possibly predict with our minds.

In this wonderful little 8 minute video clip, Mooji covers a lot of areas and ultimately leads us back to that wordless place which has no location. Great little reminder video to keep us on track.

This beautiful three and a half minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and quotes from Mooji. This video focuses on discovering the dynamic emptiness within us.

Reading a few words from the Avadhuta Gita, Mooji reminds us of our true nature as the pure thing-less thing, or pure undiluted being. Once reminded of this, it is important not to place ourselves in any context because nothing we can say or describe about ourselves is true. Listen to Mooji’s beautiful pointings…

In this 11 minute video from Mooji, he explains that the best practice is to keep placing the attention on the presence within and soon projections of the mind will loose their attraction. Once the attention and presence become one, all weeds of the mind will die.

In this 4 minute video from Mooji we find him describing the different types of Yoga. He goes on to say that it is very important to make sure we are also focusing on Yoga practices dealing with the spiritual side of things rather than the physical practices.

This is another wonderful 8 minute guided meditation from Mooji recorded on 1st April 2016 at Lucknow in Papaji Bhavan.

In this 9 minute video, Mooji explains that many pointings are completely misunderstood because the seeker is not ready for the “Truth”. They may be so identified with the world of form that the pointings don’t really make sense or taken to be literal in nature. The question is, “Are you ready for the truth?”

This beautiful three and a half minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and quotes from Mooji. This video focuses on replacing suffering with real understanding.

We hear people say again and again things like, “I was in that place (or a minute, day, week, month) but I could not stay” and we take it at face value that somehow this person had “it” and then lost “it”. In this 11 minute video from Mooji he explains that these experiences may seem real but they are also only fabrications of the mind.

In this short 5 minute video, Mooji explains that there is a major difference between keeping quiet and effortless silence. One is based on a false identity and can never be carried out for long and one is based on the “Self” and is timelessly so. Find out the difference now…

In this 10 minute video from Mooji he focuses on helping us to be clear of who we are at this moment. He goes on to explain that in order for him to provide the most effective pointings, it is important to be clear about who we are at this moment, otherwise the pointings may not be of any value.

In this 9 minute video from Mooji, he responds to an inquiry about what is meant when spiritual masters such as Buddha, Jesus, Shiva and Ramana Maharshi speak of “Light” and how does it relate to “EnLIGHTenment”? Mooji explains that these masters are not talking about the phenomenon of “light”, but it is used more like a metaphor. See how Mooji explains it…

This 7 minute video was filmed outside in an impromptu Satsang with Mooji as he shows us that the “Truth” is simplicity itself and that we must make sure that we are not looking to acquire anything from our search, because if what we seek can be acquired then it is not the “Truth” and only temporary.

This 7 minute clip of an impromptu Satsang with Mooji, he explains that even after “Realization” takes place, there may come times when the mind is at its most potent in its resisting power to try to break your new understanding and that it is better to be prepared for such experiences rather than loosing confidence in your realization.

In this AMAZING 9 minute video clip from Mooji over nine years ago, he explains that there is nothing that needs to be done to be what you are. He also explains that we need not fall into the trap of trying to do something to remain stable in the awareness. Listen to Mooji as he helps us realize that what we are is simply prior to ALL…

In this 7 minute video clip from an intimate and informal Satsang, Mooji responds to some inquiries regarding what one can do as an individual to help improve some of the horrors going on in the world. Listen to Mooji’s suggestions…

In this 5 minute clip of Mooji appearing on an interview with Lilou Mace, she asks him about the growing number of people who are afraid of being controlled in a cult like fashion with certain ideas about spirituality. In his response, Mooji explains that the most common cult is the cult of ignorance which has billions of members and how it is possible to escape from it.

In this 4 minute clip of Mooji appearing on an interview with Lilou Mace, he explains that our Awakening is not only important for ourselves but that in subtle ways it is actually affecting the whole world. Listen to how Mooji puts it…

People entertain many different definitions of the “Heart” when speaking of spirituality which can generate many misunderstandings of Mooji’s intentions when speaking of the “Wisdom of the heart” or “Returning to the Heart” or a multitude of other pointings. In this super short 3 minute video, he explains exactly what he means when speaking of the “Heart”.