Recently Added Videos

In this FANTASTIC 11 minute video, Mooji replies to a letter from someone who feels that their mind is winning and wants to know “Is it really possible for me to stay in truth?”.  Mooji explains that it is NOT possible for the “Me” to stay in the truth and that the only way forward is to give up this false sense of “Me” and find that place within that requires no effort.

In this video Mooji addresses a common fear of wondering what will happen to “me” once I am realized. This fear can keep us from the “Truth” and keep us on a merry go round of questions and confusion until we are ready to give up the “me” and trust that as we loose our sense of individuality, we gain the recognition of being at the heart of all that is.

In this video Mooji answers a letter from someone who says she is losing interest in daily life and that this scares her. Mooji explains that it is quite common for those who realize the truth to lose interest in their daily activities like hobbies, work, money, friends, and so forth, but that actually most of this effect comes from becoming detached. We have been so attached to all of these things that when the attachments begin to go, we feel as if we are loosing interest which may or may not be the case. He finishes with reminding her that having interests is perfectly OK and not in conflict with the truth so long as there is no longer a “someone” there that is attached.

In this video, Mooji addresses a letter from one who is living in suffocating conditions surrounded by massive conditioning and social pressure.  Mooji explains that his pointings are fully applicable, no matter what situation you find yourself in and that sometimes difficult situations can serve as a catalyst for accelerated growth and realization.

In this 15 minute video, Mooji explains that “Realization” is not the be all, end all. Although it has been fired, the mind will keep showing up for work and by staying in a state of Self-Rememberance one’s attention can be easily brought back from its habit to go with the mind. This is also called vigilance. Both Nisargadatta Maharaj and Papaji both spoke of remaining vigilant until their very last breath.

Mooji answers a letter asking about fears and resistance. He explains that finding out who these fears and resistance are for and where do they come from. Are they real?  Is it mind playing games with you? Could it be possible that they are happening because you don’t yet truly know who you are?

This video is a clip from Mooji’s appearance on the “Never Not Here” show which discusses the fact that it is not our chocolate flavored moments that help us to seek freedom and understanding, but rather our difficulties and adversity that triggers our search for the “Truth”.

In this 9 minute video, Mooji explains that we are prior to anything that can be named, labeled or described. Although they are connected to us somehow, we are “prior to” anything that can be identified. We are the canvas of space in which all of consciousness expresses itself.

Mooji takes us on a 4 minute intensive look at what is already here. This video may be short but it is enough to get one to refocus on what is real within.

In this short 5 minute video, a devotee wants to know how we can strike a balance between mind and the “self”. Mooji demonstrates that the mind can not achieve balance because it is invested in projections of what balance should be. Then he goes on to explain how inner balance comes to be.

In this video Mooji explains that truly being free is not based on any belief. Freedom comes from being able to answer the question “Is there anything that stops me from being what I am?”.  Through the process of self-mastery, one can examine the thoughts, beliefs and situations that keep us from truly being free.

In this video Mooji covers a lot of ground but its unique perspective is the realization that the body is required to provide a tool for consciousness to reflect upon itself. Without the body you can not have the knowledge or the taste of consciousness. Through the body the reflection can be known, similar to looking in a mirror.

As requested by patrons of this site, here is another 10 minute guided meditation from Mooji. Enjoy!

This video contains a very special message designed to help us to drop EVERYTHING and strip us back to a place beyond time and intention.  A place where we can truly experience our true nature.

Mooji explains that the value of being in the presence of a master is for guidance and to have someone that can tell you when you are wandering off track. He also explains that it is important to know the difference between a teacher and a master.

In this video Mooji speaks with a woman who has a father that has Alzheimer’s and helps her to understand that perhaps what she sees as a miserable state, is actually a preferred state of being. Our minds automatically feel like if you don’t have memories and desires that life can be miserable, but actually it can be quite the opposite.

In this 5 minute video, Mooji manages to explain through concepts, who or what we truly are. Within the “Self” we find “Consciousness” and within “Consciousness” we find all of manifestation. Without true separation the trinity is complete as “One”.

Mooji describes Satsang as a mirror for the infinite to gaze upon itself and that in Satsang we can witness the shift from person to presence. We can then realize that we are even beyond the presence itself and have life flow before us as compelled by grace.  It all starts with letting go of the image you have of yourself and saying “Yes” to your true self.

Mooji spends a few minutes explaining why it is so that when one human being is “realized”, if we are all one, why we all don’t become “realized” as well. This is super interesting and very well explained in terms almost anyone can understand.

This 4 minute video from Mooji provides more wisdom then entire libraries of knowledge.  Once the message in this video has been assimilated fully into your beingness, nothing else is needed for total freedom within.

Mooji speaks of the stillness in deep sleep that is also here in the waking state and how easily we are willing to abandon this stillness for the highs and lows that playing the person offers because we are addicted to experiencing. But the truth is that we can continue to experience life without buying in to a ghost story.