Recently Added Videos

Here is a wonderful 20 minute guided meditation from Mooji called “The Space of What Is”. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

Here is a wonderful 16 minute guided meditation from Mooji called “You Are Silence Itself”. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

In this five minute video, Mooji replies to a written inquiry from a seeker that wants to know how to reach that perfect state of realization and is it possible for everyone to reach that state regardless of their prior conditioning.

This beautiful three and a half minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and  quotes from Mooji.

This edited Mooji moment is only 2 minutes long but contains a substantial message and shows Mooji as the beautiful natural being that he is.

In this beautiful 4 minute video clip from Mooji, he talks to us about using concepts to remove concepts and also explains what he means when he tells us to “Stay As That” when we are already That.  This video may be short but it covers a lot of “ground”.

In this six minute video, Mooji explains that because it is not fair to ask the world to be quiet so that we can be quiet, we have to find that quiet place within us which is independent of what is going on around us.

In this 6 minute video, Mooji explains that there are circumstances where anger is an appropriate reaction as a human being and that it can be worse to suppress the anger. He goes on to explain that one can reach a point where they are outwardly expressing anger while in their heart they remain in complete serenity.

This eight minute video from a Sunday Satsang tea session, Mooji shares some reminders of what we are searching for and to help us find the courage for us to shed the illusions of the mind.

This beautiful five minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and  quotes from Mooji. The theme of this video is that mind will never be pure as long as it carries the smell of a person. Please comment below if you enjoyed this format for sharing Mooji’s words.

In this seven minute video from Mooji, he speaks to us of our true nature and the importance of realizing our ultimate truth of the changeless within the change-full.

This amazing five minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and  quotes from Mooji.

In this nine minute video clip of Mooji, we find him focusing in on the “I Am” and taking a closer look at what it is and what it is not to help us come to a place of unmixed being.

This amazing video created by Lucia Lagana combines music, quotes from Mooji, and a live video clip in which we find Mooji speaking with utmost passion about the importance of shedding our personhood.

In this nine minute video from Mooji, he takes us through the cycles of being a witness to the world. The point of this excursion is to realize that there is “something” that does not come and go and that this “something” is always here within us.

In this inspiring seven minute video, Mooji shares an intimate moment from Monte Sahaja in which he basically describes the true essence of meditation without having to label it as a “meditation”.

We all have 12 minutes to spare. This guided meditation from Monte Sahaja is less than 12 minutes and will bring you back to yourself.

In this super short video we find Mooji driving around while holding a mini Satsang.  The point of what he is saying is that you have to come to a place where you say this is your life now, your life is for freedom, your life is for God, your life is for Truth.

In this 11 minute clip from an interview with Amy Torres, Mooji clears up the difference between Christ the man and Christ consciousness and that everyone in their essence (or true nature) is the Christ consciousness pronouncing itself as “I Am” in the body.

In this 6 minute video from an interview with Mooji, the questioner says that many times they hear people say that they seem to progress more in a Master’s presence and poses the question “Can I Awaken faster by spending more time in the physical presence of a Master?”.

In this beautiful 5 minute video clip from Mooji we find a seeker coming to a beautiful recognition that upon Awakening, even the “I am” can not be found and you can again welcome the universe to do its thing with the body without requiring designated driver.