Mooji – Help With Decision Making

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Everyone has experienced wanting to know what to do when faced with a decision. In this awesome short video, Mooji explains the key to decision making. This is a FIVE STAR video.

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sethu says:

Let the world wait What thought provoking insight!!!

Anonymous says:

I do not like the distracting music in the background.

Melanie says:

Yes,I agree, thank you for posting satsangs, but I want to see mooji as he speaks.I do not appreciate the music or visualizations.

MuraliR says:

In this, the music, flowers blossoming, bees around, new leaves, …all seem to say what he means…let life discover its next move…

Aashna says:

Ultimately does it matter what is seen or heard?… Is it not life itself that speaks? There is movement everywhere but does it stop us from recognising truth as it appears?

Jean says:

This is beautiful. I find the music and scenes with Mooji’s voice very uplifting !

Dennis says:

So beautiful <3 <3 <3

Ranee Oberoi says:

Help with Decision making very precise I went into myself, just being there.Uplifting

Anonymous says:

Love the satsang a Mooji. This has opened up a whole new Chanel of inquiry

Anonymous says:

Let the world wait

Angelica Christi says:

The beauty and simplicity of TRUTH

Sindhi Sherry says:

Let the world wait….it’s easy to get distacted,but oh,the blessing of this to overcome it….else we should be cave dwellers to hear only the self. ..this is a good practice to hear Self in the midst of chaos. ….

Katharine Grace says:

yes please, no music and visual is as good as simply seeing Mooji … distraction

Denise says:

I agree the music is distracting on one level – but also soothes on another – let go of the idea of the music interrupting what you think you want to hear….we all get stuck…the world can wait the heart can’t – it knows when and where it needs to go

Barbara says:

“The world can wait.” So soothing an idea, spoken as deepest conviction in Mooji’s gentle flowing voice. I find the flowing music and friendly waving flowers also convey the same message, and deepen my experience of this deepest truth. Thank you.

Anonymous says:

I totally agree. I love how moojis message dances amongst the scenes on the screen!

Alma says:

Thank you

Anne says:

“…let the world wait…if nothing arises within you like an urge that compels not just your body but everything just seems to move with it, then quite often there’s nothing wrong with just stopping and not doing anything at all………
If you don’t feel it what an excellent opportunity also to see ‘what is lifes’ next move..not yours. If it’s not sent or given or arises in this body like it belongs to me, I don’t have to do anything about it. I keep quiet…”

Needed to hear this so much today. Thank-you

Prins says:

Welkom op je eiland waar rozen bloeien zonder doornen….

Andrea Renee Hall says:

Gardening outside myself at times can be a breeze compared to the gardening inside. Then something bursts within myself, and I can feel the wind, sun, and all the plants I worked so hard outside self, too. What a plus.

Jay P. says:

I found this helpful, thank you.

Ian says:

Let the world wait. How beautiful to the soul

Michelle Scott says:

I love the fact that it is his voice and his words.
No need to see him speaking. When it is just his voice it resounds in your heart and it can be felt. Those that only want to see him would not have His words deep in their brain or heart leaving a print. That is why Mooji does it. Thankyou.

Nimet says:

Love it! With the music and the video. It’s wonderful

elena pezzuto says:

Yes…. let the world wait

Anonymous says:

not easy mooiji

judy says:

I so resonated with this piece, the energy and love behind the words
and the music!!! would you be so kind to share the name and piece
of this music? Thank you!!!

Renáta says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Have no words..After all this me is so quiet, somehow the words of the living Master made my mind understand that this me is totally free from delusion. I am here but though I am not the same anymore.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Thank u what a beautiful reminder that we do not need to be busy all the time as if we would have missed on life if we weren’t busy. As a matter of fact that is exactly the time we seem to be missing the living life when we frantically busing ourselves. The background music and nature is absolutely beautiful. Thank u.

Michele Nappi says:

We have been taught that if you don’t make a decision, it will be made for you or by not making a decision, you have made one. As if this is wrong. We are shamed into making up our minds in a way society would approve of the timing.

Sherry Wilton says:

I am Grateful for This Beautiful Beautiful Blessing. thank You Mooji <3

Jennifer Moore says:

Just perfect. Thank you

Joyce A Miles says:

All is perfect. Thank you Mooji

Leonie Khoury says:

Thank you so much for this, so incredibly helpful. I love you

Anonymous says:

I like that: “What is life’s next move?” Shame there was that silly distracting music behind the message

Anonymous says:

Let the world wait
Be Free now
The scenary of life will change, but ….

Maria says:


Let the world wait

Let life show u what the next move is..

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