Mooji Video: Pulling the Curtains of Illusion

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In this great 8 minute video, Mooji speaks on the play of consciousness which encompasses everything that can be seen or experienced. Because the seeker is not real and only a part of that play, it can not discover the truth. When truth is realized, the seeker no longer exists. Therefore there can not be a seeker that can realize the “Truth”, there can not be a finder of the “Self”.

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Deb Owen says:

I get what you are saying Mooji! Thank you, Thank you! I am yet not I, (my collection of thoughts, experiences, feelings etc.) but consciousness, (the still silent, at peace and joyous observer) is my I, my existence as myself as an awakened joyous, en-Light-ened being. I have searched for my self for eons and Thank God for You Dear Sweet Mooji. Thank you!

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