Mooji Answers: You Can Live Without Ego, But Ego Can Not Live Without You

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In this 8 minute video, Mooji answers an inquiry from someone who is experiencing some resistance within. Mooji explains that if one is experiencing resistance to self-inquiry, then this is an indication that one is on the right track. The ego will fight for its survival til the bitter end so it is important to put things into perspective and know which is the greater, the ego or the self.

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sally says:

Excellent Thank You Gurji Mooji..Love To You and Sanghi

Wendy says:

This is so clearly explained. Thus has enabled me to forgive and dismiss what is only my ego. It often feels trapped and frightened of dying.

Anonymous says:

Al hamdu lillah. What a perfectly clear explanation of our struggle. Thank you Mooji for the daily dose of Isness.

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