Mooji – Understanding Vigilance and Attention

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Mooji provides clues about vigilance and attention.

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Veronica viddler says:

Thank you,just what I needed to hear

Angelica Christi says:


Rekha Patel says:

Om…very good video….Stay with the Self…Thanks with my Love…Pranam..Gratitude to My Beloved Mooji!!!…..Om.

Sérgio Rafael de Almeida says:

Thanks merry crhirstmas love love somethingg you dear ❤️

Marie says:

I so appreciate receiving these daily videos. Namaste all. Thank you so much Mooji. Thank you.

Grazia says:

Wisdom ❤ Thankyou Moojiji

hvld says:

This place is simy the best thing on the web. (After Mooji 😉 ) Love love Love

Brigitte says:

Thanks with my love.

Maria says:

Lovely, mooji at his best.

When we get distracted we think that’s us following our thoughts..

But we are the ones giving the thoughts power we suffer when we follow the thoughts.

Its coming back to the place of the witness, observing the guilt inside me, observing but asking who is it that needs to lose weight, who is it that needs to apologize..

Its an awareness will come forth and its up to me if I accept this awareness..

Thank u.

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