Mooji Video: Sadhana & Spiritual Practices

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In this 8 minute video, Mooji expresses his views of Spiritual Practices. He explains that although spiritual practices can be helpful for certain purposes, it is very important to find out WHY you are doing the spiritual practice in the first place. Otherwise, spiritual practices can actually stand in the way of freedom.

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Starshine Giese says:

Practice of Hatha Yoga to strengthen the body… practice sitting to empty the mind… for the first time I question myself as to why do I practice. Thank you thank you thank you Moojiji, Love In You Always. ..Namaste’

Jamila says:

Why than is Mooji answering questions again
and again? Is it not also a kind of sadhana?
What is it’s purpose?

Danielle Choquette says:

What a wonderful teacher you are,dearest Moojiji! Always right to the point! Thank you! _()_ <3 _()_

Zarna somaia says:

I was given your teaching by a friend. I thoroughly enjoy your answers to students/Bhaktas/practioners query’s or confusions. That is bringing clarity to my mind more and more. I thank you and the one who introduced you to me from the bottom of my heart

Leonie Khoury says:

Very beautiful. Thank you so much Mooji and everyone

Anonymous says:

Stay in your Original place. Thats all!

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