Mooji Video: Transcending Issues of Security

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In this 11 minute video, Mooji provides insight on how to deal with one of the most powerful vasanas (latent tendencies in one’s nature), the illusion of security.  Security issues can pop up in many ways including in relationships, work, money, and life situations, but they are all creations of the mind. Although issues of security can be extremely powerful energetically, Mooji shows us how to return to what is real and watch these issues disappear into nothingness.

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Starshine says:

Thank you Moojiji…when they come up, i just hand them over and they leave immediately

rowena says:

thank you thank you thank you x

Thia says:

Wow Moojiji, powerful….to have this with me always.

Margit Rajda says:

Igen, “és ezek eltűnnek a semmibe”….Köszönöm!

Tatjana Bulesic says:

Hmmm, truth …I like how you simple explane life Mooji

Bernadette says:

Thank you thank you I am just at this point

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