Mooji Video: Be Nothing

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In this 12 minute video Mooji discusses with an inquirer a common phenomenon that occurs for seekers at a certain point.  Many seekers come to a point when they realize that they know nothing.  The mind has a really hard time dealing with this because the mind’s job is to do. It is looking for a job. Mooji explains that when one realizes they know nothing, the best course of action is to do nothing and be nothing. Otherwise, your mind will just try to replace one concept with another concept.

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Sorel says:

I am finding that I am unable to view some Mooji videos on here. It comes up with an error message. Please can you advise.

admin says:

Everything seems to be working fine. You have to provide exact links so we can test.

Vesna says:

Thank you. It is always beautiful to hear when we are ready to admit and expose our own arrogance and how beloved Mooji guide us to stay put from further arrogance or expectations from our own self.

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