Mooji Video: How to Deal With the Past

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In this 8 minute video, Mooji teaches us the best way to deal with the past. Yes, we already know that the music is “annoying”, but the message is clear…

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Mr. B says:

An angel of a girl came into my life.
Not by accident but by many miracles along the way.
The most beautiful girl I had ever seen inside and out.
It was an effortless bliss like being in heaven.
She Taught me that I was lovable even at 67
And then she had to leave and return home to her country and family.

Those many moments of happiness with her are my happiest memories
and keep me connected to the love that I still feel for her.
am I wrong to keep this love alive. I feel that love in the present.
Even though the memories are from the past.

Anonymous says:

Age is an illusion of mind, don’t believe it, you are not from here.

Chris says:

At any age you are, you are lovable. You are lovable here and now. She has given you that feeling which continues to live in you, you don’t need memories, you are that love !

Chris says:

Beautiful !!! I listened a second time !!Get tears out of me ! Is that it ? thank you thank you thank you !

dianne says:

Love is not dependent on any one or any thing, or indeed any memories. What Mooji is teaching is that you ARE that Love. You are That. If you live on memories, then you are living in the past and in the mind. What Mooji is pointing to is the ‘space’ in which all these phenomena are, THAT is what is the source of Love and which is eternal, and which you do not need to do ANYTHING to know.

Carrie-Ann Shaw says:

The Online Satsang’s response to postings that experienced the music as “annoying” was “Yes, we already know that the music is “annoying”, but the message is clear…” Why would the Online Satsang state that they “already know that the music is annoying”?

This “knowing” can be “personal” experience and/or preference…So comments cannot speak for each one’s experience…For some the music is annoying…One might Inquire as to who is this
I that is annoyed? (Personal choices/preferences are respected…just not “known” as the whole
Truth in the One.)

My Heart loves the music…Mooji’s words are recognized and immersed in my Being…Body, Mind, & Spirit…

In Gratitude for each One…

Anonymous says:

Great talk, thank you.

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