Mooji Practical Advice: How To Deal With Anger

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In this 6 minute video, Mooji expresses his view of anger and offers some suggestions on how we can best deal with it starting with the realization that the statement “I am angry” is not true. The huge difference comes when you realize that the “I am” is not angry, but that there is just angry feelings appearing before the “I am”.

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Red-headed rap-girl says:

Yes, one has to express the anger! My best way was to create crazy rap songs (it was shouwn me in the dream to do so) and sing them loudly (some were about my neighbors) and observing that I did NOT actually identify myself with it. The neighbors have called police 3 times (this was a good test of my fears, too, Namaste!) But since I have a social position and awareness, police didn’t touch me. And it is over by now. Most importantly, it ended up by falling into the state of pure awareness/me 🙂

Vesna says:

Every word from this video it resonated within. Thank you so much!

PINA says:

Beautiful. Thank You. Feel it dont identify with it.

Margaret Schmoyer says:

I am grateful for such a thorough view of anger.

Anonymous says:

This is superb! Thank you from my heart.

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