Mooji – Everything is Just Happening

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Mooji speaks of the fact that we don’t need to decide which thoughts or concepts to delete. Everything is just happening by itself.

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Aashna says:

Very very helpful, thank you so much…

Nayana Gandhi says:

Very powerful and simple touching teaching…..Thanks for your effort to make such website.

Diane says:

Thank you so much for this video, I keep coming back to it.

Glenda Jasper says:

I Love You Mooji for you have come to the Vibrant Breath in all and leave your impression of fabric
in the grain of sand..


Maureen Stark says:

“Behind the observer, you will not find an independent observer”……….ahhhhhh sweet liberation…there is only the power of observing taking place, even this observing is observed….don’t start to wobble……..when to delete, somehow there’s not even anyone deleting……….the deleting is also happening, when something is recognized to not be in resonance with the felt truth it gets evicted by itself, it falls by itself It will shrivel up and fall, you won’t have to follow where is falls…….. ahhhhhhhhhhh sweet liberations…….Chi Megwetch Mooji

Joanne Lafond says:

Thank you for highlighting this.

Joanne Lafond says:

All is happening
Moojï speaking, people listening to what he inspires them. Me listening to Moojï words on the internet. That way of living here expanding in the happening.
English taking India, Gandhi speaking, Indians acting. English out of India. All happening. Jesus’s, Martin Luther King’s, Galileo’s, Einstein’s acts. “New Idea”, All happening.
Me wondering if I should act or be or delete an idea. Me speaking to let go the belief we have to have a job and earn money as a prerequisite to take care of us and each other. People not taking this as possible, as happening. People seeing the daily impact on decisions, on the environment, on the free time left from producing only good and well, and not create to have something to sell. Does it change anything? What I hear through Moojï’s words is : don’t want to change anything, don’t fight with yourself, don’t have a good or better idea even for the world to be better, that is the mind and I causing trouble.It is all happening.
I and mind perceive idea as good and worth working on it or as it is all happening. What a blessing.

Still and all happening. What an experience. Merci Moojï

Sonia says:

Thank god for mooji

Virendra Singh says:

All is happening in this universe including within and without. Objerver is objerving without act of objerving leaving no Objerver behind. Objervetion is happening without Objerver spontaneously and automatically. I am Objerver without the concept of Objervetion and without form, name, colour, gender and size. I am happiness without being happy and consciousness without the concept of consciousness. Thank you Mooji. Gratitude your mercy is great and your pointing like bullet murder the person.

Tina says:

Namaste! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this wonderful video full of Mooji’s profound wisdom. We may think we are in some control of everything that’s happening around us – but in fact, we are in no control, whatsoever – briefly, life is always unfolding as it does – regardless to what we, as persons, are convinced of …
Most of the time we are able to rest in perceiving and enjoying life unfolding in front of us … but of course … for instance if a little child is about to run out on a busy street it doesn’t mean that we should remain calm and see if the child will return by itself – no, we will immediately run after it without thinking … so in a bigger perspective it is not “we as persons” – who are running after the child – it just happens as a part of the play of life. Thank You … Namaste

Thierry says:

Could what Mooji says not also be expressed in this way: if ‘I’ sees thought as a movement that happens to be ( the movement of the mind) and don’t give in identifying with any part of it, I does not give any continuity to it. The desire to delete is again that same identification process that gives continuity to thoughts. If the observation is sustained the movement slows down and comes to a halt : nothing happens, just the I is free.

Brigitte says:

Thank you Mooji for this video.

Maria says:

Just love the short videos from mooji..

I love when he said u don’t have to keep putting our fires…

Just see yourself as the observer..

But as he says beautifully, the mind always want to get in on the action, the mind wants to do three things, to do, to fix to become.

And at the end of our lives as he says we just know a lot and kept busy

Which is what us humans are about, but not to miss the freedom that comes from not identitying with the mind.

No identification no problem.

Its not my responsibility it’s just a happining..

The mind wants in on the action all the time, but the minute I get caught in the personal story of i, my thoughts are never on my side, they will never come to tell me the truth of who I am.

Because who I am cannot be defined, it’s not the mind or the body. Mooji

Anonymous says:

Train in Being !!!

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