Mooji Video: Losing Interest in Daily Life

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In this video Mooji answers a letter from someone who says she is losing interest in daily life and that this scares her. Mooji explains that it is quite common for those who realize the truth to lose interest in their daily activities like hobbies, work, money, friends, and so forth, but that actually most of this effect comes from becoming detached. We have been so attached to all of these things that when the attachments begin to go, we feel as if we are loosing interest which may or may not be the case. He finishes with reminding her that having interests is perfectly OK and not in conflict with the truth so long as there is no longer a “someone” there that is attached.

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Starshine Giese says:

Experiencing Peace. this is so true ..Jai Sri Mooji ji Thank you

sally says:

Jai GurujiJi Mooji..A Beautiful Mirror..I am Loves YouxxxxThank You.

Margit Rajda says:

Igen! A dolgok “önmaguktól” is működnek – sőt – lehet, hogy sokkal jobban…Csupán az “unalom” az, ami időnként zavaró lehet: nem kell csinálni az életet. Köszönöm szépen, Mooji.

Danielle Choquette says:

Appreciated very much! It speaks to my heart.ùQuestions I have been asking myself for a long time,and Mooji Baba gives the answer…Thank you!

Baldev raj thukral says:

What guru Ji has said is very beautiful , and perfectly fine,we respect it , but our problem is , though we don’t want any thing, but also don’t want to looset interest in our life too.

admin says:

As long as there is “one” who makes conditions for Freedom will never taste it.

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