Mooji Video: Anything You Can Name, Label or Describe is Not You

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In this 9 minute video, Mooji explains that we are prior to anything that can be named, labeled or described. Although they are connected to us somehow, we are “prior to” anything that can be identified. We are the canvas of space in which all of consciousness expresses itself.

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sally says:

THANK YOU. Guruji Mooji.I Bow In Honor Of TRUTH…I Love Being Alive..Knowing You..Your Prescence…My Prayer’s Answered In One Massive Sweep….I have Always Been Here It Was This Way..But To Have You as My Own Self’s Mirror……You Are a Friend Indeed and I Love You..I Bow and Honor You…”.I Love You, I love Myself” To Look In Your Eyes????? No Doubts about This.Unless, I am No=more….LOVE sally

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