Mooji Video: How Can I Strike a Balance?

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In this short 5 minute video, a devotee wants to know how we can strike a balance between mind and the “self”. Mooji demonstrates that the mind can not achieve balance because it is invested in projections of what balance should be. Then he goes on to explain how inner balance comes to be.

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veena says:

I surrender Mooji!

sally says:

Aha The space Beloved

Margaret Schmoyer says:

Thank you, put so well.

Haileselassie F says:

Great pointing’s first put your trust in God and you are on board .. ,The airplane takeoff

Elaine says:

Off topic, Mooji speaks of sleeping and how we are our “isness” when we sleep. (As I under what he talks about). What about dreaming I have some dreams that are disturbing, desires, rejection and loss. Do they come from “mind”?

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