Mooji Video: Value of Having Guidance of a Master

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Mooji explains that the value of being in the presence of a master is for guidance and to have someone that can tell you when you are wandering off track. He also explains that it is important to know the difference between a teacher and a master.

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Starshine says:

Thank u, thank u, thank u Moojiji…yes you are the real thing…Love U

ginger Blymyer says:

The Westerner don’t want to need a Teacher. Here is why we do need a real Master, not a teacher.

Ejaz aslam says:

Love and Peace within thankyou

Joanie says:

Love Mooji & his wisdom & his love! Thank you!

Anonymous says:

Tu es mon guide ici sur la terre Mooji
Love you

Edith says:

Danke, Danke, Danke lieber Guruji
Ich traue mich immer mehr, dich um Hilfe zu bitten und jedesmal bist du hier und hilfst mir. Allen Segen über Dich und uns Alle. Danke geliebter Moojibaba, Danke geliebte Sangha-Familie.

Edith says:

Uups ein Schreibfehler, das sollte heissen:
…. Ich traue mich immer mehr, Dich um Hilfe zu bitten und jedesmal bist du Hier und hilfst mir.

Natalia says:

Thank you Mooji…..

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