Mooji Video: We Must Stop Listening to the Crazy Mind

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In this short 8 minute video, Mooji shows us that the mind can make up all kinds of crazy excuses to keep us from being free. We need to realize that these crazy thoughts, beliefs and excuses are just that, and upon realizing this we are released to claim our freedom.

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Starshine says:

Thank U Dearest Moojiji…Blessings as always…I Love U…Namaste’

Alain says:

Thank you, beautiful person, so grateful.

Starshine says:

Thank U Moojiji…Love U …Namaste’

Margit Rajda says:

Köszönöm szépen, Mooji!

maria ines says:

Gracias! Muchas Gracias! We love you!!!!

Jude Covacevich says:

Magnificient Mooji…Love u with all my heart.

shelley freeman says:

exactly what i needed tonight. Bear the burn, feel this burn. go into the fire with folded hands. Don’t run.Love you Mooji. Thank you. Namaste

Thomas Crane says:

Beloved Mooji–hit the nail right on ‘this head’. Thank you.

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