Mooji Video: The Cause of All “Problems”

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This video is less than 2 minutes long and yet describes very quickly the cause of all “Problems”.

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Vesna says:

Very short, yet veeeery effective! Straight to the point. Great! Thank you

Mary says:

Thank you. Short and sweet

Carlene louw says:

Ok. How then would that apply to the people severely injured in Nice?.

Maria says:

what of intense physical pain?
Is it possible to observe it without suffering or is suffering just our reaction to a sensation?
Every day you open our eyes to new insights!
Thank you, Mooji!

Linda Krug says:

I am unsure on the view that all suffering is ego…what about rape? Child abuse? Are these sufferings ego driven? I think not….hhhmmmm?

admin says:

I know that it can be difficult to understand in some of these extreme cases mentioned in these comments, but the answer is still “yes”, suffering is about the mind not accepting what is happening or has happened. Personally, I experienced many years of child abuse and can tell you that the incident is real, the pain is real, the fear is real, there is no denying what is happening, but the suffering comes after the fact when the mind says, “I am a victim”, “This should not have happened”, “I’ll never be able to get over this”, “This will affect the rest of my life”, etc, etc. It’s the same with physical pain… there is no denying the pain. The pain is very real, but the thoughts about the pain (why me?)(this must stop) and so forth is from the mind and serves NO purpose except to expand the pain. Also, it all depends on ones definition of suffering. What Mooji is talking about here is just useless mind created suffering. Hope this helps a little.

Anonymous says:

Yes it does help , I hope you are whole and free now ,
Bless you

Anonymous says:

He means the suffering is the ego person , the true self is untouched by this , if we only tune into the small self we experience more pain , if we tune into the oneness we suffer less .

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