Mooji Video: Suffering is Optional

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In this 10 minute video Mooji explains how we are not really experiencing suffering, but rather that we are suffering our experience (a quote from Nisargadatta Maharaj).  No matter what our minds say under emotional duress, the fact is that the only reason we are suffering is because we are totally identified with the “person”.

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Maria says:

At first I thought Mooji was referring to emotional pain and I could understand that suffering is an option. But what of physical pain? I realise now that it is no different.
Suffering is the mind’s reaction to a sensation of pain which we are taught to avoid at all costs ( look at all the “pain killers” available!)
I suspect it is possible to have even intense physical pain without suffering.
I once watched a woman in deep meditation while in labor and giving birth. She had refused pain medication and appeared totally serene. I’m sure she experienced the sensation of pain but did not react to it or fight it.
Pain is a natural signal to help us survive and it will be interesting to practice just observing it…it’s shape, color, intensity and also feelings and thoughts resulting from it.
Thank you, Mooji for so many wonderful insights! You bring us back to our true nature as loving energy dancing throughout the cosmos!

Juliette Lite says:

very true , i really like your comment

Billy Pilgrim says:

There’s no color in the electrochemical signal between eye and brain. Color is a construct we create and project onto the world, and varies from person to person. Your blue may be quite different from mine. Pain seems to be even more subjective, and caused mostly by fear and avoidance. Flee from the barrage of intense sensation, attempt to shut it off, and you will suffer. Embrace it, explore it, make friends with it, and it remains what it is, but you are no longer suffering. Easier said than done, but it works. Try it with something you can manage, and get better.

Danielle Choquette says:

_()_ <3 _()_ Precious!

Maite says:

Merci pour vos commentaires cela m’aide a rester dans letrete. Pour moi l’anxiété au reveil du matin est extrêmement difficile après un accident de voiture. Tout les matins cest l’anxiété qui me réveille. Chaque matin je me lève et me remet dans cette espace. Mais c’est a répétition. Merci michael pour

Maite says:

Tes mails au quotidien namaste

Anonymous says:

thank you, I needed to hear this, thank you….

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