Mooji Video: Say Thank You for Duality

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In this video it is discussed that there is only one “Absolute” that incarnates in all forms, but that thanks to duality this oneness can experience other in all of its manifestations. The beauty of “Realization” is that one gets to become awake to the fact that it is all the same “self” and that the seeming separateness is all part of the dream of form.

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Vesna says:

I love this video.. Somehow it presents clearly about the Apsolute, the I and other and the person… Thank you very much.

Rowena says:

‘Enjoy the dream,being awake’ love love love this one! Michael Smith playing Henry VIII Thank you

Linda Wood says:

Beautiful statement….so much said with a few words. Enjoy the dream being awake. Profound! These words I will always remember. It brings me straight to true reality if I feel separated.

Anonymous says:

Wow! Thank you so much for the clarification of the oneness of the absolute and the duality of manifestation!

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