Mooji – What is in the way?

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What is in the way of my realization?

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Anonymous says:

How can the sweetness be separated from the honey?

Anonymous says:

Isn’t the mind the one obstructing pure view??

Nayana says:

Our illusion is coming in between like thoughts I.e. Mind and identity.Stop thinking because we are not that &.witness them…..It seems v easy….conditioned mind obstructs our True Being…!!!!!

Glenda Jasper says:

As we choose to understand we can then choose to let go being in the greatness of One Love in the Silence of knowing our name in you..

Rekha Patel says:

Om…Very true…there is no distance between me and God… speak very clearly…i am learning from you.Thank you with my Love…Pranam Beloved Mooji!!!….Om.

Sérgio Rafael de Almeida says:

Thanks mooji darling great your love i dont speak but understend in found direcions amém love god god god ❤️

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