Mooji – Whatever you can perceive is not you

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This short 3 and half minute video contains all the truth one needs to realize the self.

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Valeria Wainwright says:

Is this whole video available and where ?

Kanchan says:

It s so clear. Wish I could download it.

Pragathi says:

Thank you for sharing. ..

Marlaya says:

thank you

Anonymous says:

Wow!!! See now that I was trying to define the self, which is nondefinable, it just is and I am that. Thank you so much Mooji!

Glenda Jasper says:

Knowing the difference in Self as in everything ..Thank you for your kind wisdom Mooji ..

Glenda Jasper says:

For this we have become Silent in you..

Rekha Patel says:

Om…very short n you explain easy way ….The Self…..Thanks you…Thank You…Thank You…with my Love…Pranam to my Beloved Mooji…..Om.

Joanne Lafond says:

“What you are looking for is already where you are looking from.” What a nice way to say it. That points to the observer of miraculous manifesting. Thank you

Haileselass says:

Thank you it is beyond understanding
I shall be quite

Anonymous says:

great great great

Manford Carter says:

Thank you Mooji a break trough for me, with love…

Idrea says:

Sat chit ananda. So hum.

Tina says:

Namaste! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this profound beautiful video with Mooji’s message full of wisdom and love. We can perceive everything around us without thinking … in fact, we can’t clearly perceive and think at the same time. We are the perceiver of everything in front of us, that is arising from nowhere and disappearing into nowhere … The Self is like a camera, which is filming for instance an event … but the thinking mind tries to figure it out “how the camera could film itself” or “how the event could film the camera” or “how the event could film the event”?. Thank You … Love You, Love You, Love You … Namaste!

Elya says:

Un grand merci pour ce partage !

chinoor says:

thank u so much love u all time

Brigitte says:

Just great. Thank you Mooji!!!

Toula Demetriades says:

Just what I needed to hear. So simple and magnificent at once x

Maria says:

Mmm, just brilliant..

I feel lots of thoughts and images pass us every day but they mean nothing without the witness.

The witness is us seeing them and giving them meaning.

But if we just let them pass and not feed into them..

We are free..

Thank u

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