Mooji Video: You are Not Your Attention

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Close this short 5 minute video, Mooji explains that often we call our attention “I” and take it to be who we are when in reality attention is only a functioning. It is one of the greatest powers of consciousness BUT it is NOT the essence of who we are.

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val says:

much gratitude for these daily videos to all the angels working behind the scenes xx

Anonymous says:

Who asks the question ….. Who answers the question ….. Who understands the answer to the question …. Where / what is silence in all this …. Very nice video here – may I echo Val in her comment above in saying thank you to all who are involved in getting these videos to us

Mr. B says:

Much gratitude for these
words of knowledge.
Thank you.
And thanks to those
Who make it possible.


Starshine says:

Thank u Moojiji n staff

Anna says:

Thank you so much! This video today clarified my question I had such a long time!
With gratitude Anna

Margit Rajda says:

Köszönöm!!! Ez nagyon szép!

Danielle Choquette says:

The correct position has to be observed. Thank you.Much appreciation.

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