Mooji Video: “I Am” – The Door to the Absolute

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If you are looking for a short video that breaks down everything one needs to know to realize the “Self”, then this is it. In this video, Mooji lays before us the nuts and bolts of “Realization”.  Any question that can not be answered by watching this video is simply not important when it comes to discovering or being the “Truth”. Anything and everything else is just mind play.

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misha says:


Marianne says:


Deepak says:

speechless, waiting for part 2

Anonymous says:

Thanks for your constant video release for our every day remembrance

Dave says:


Dave says:

This is worth listening to several times

rose says:

what about dreams ? some part of consciousness IS there is sleep otherwise we wouldn’t dream ?

rose says:

(in* sleep) I meant

Anonymous says:

we cannot surely ever really be the ‘I AM’ until we are no longer in the body … as long as all this that he speaks of is being experienced from inside a body then it must be a function of the brain / body …. and cannot be the consciousness he is speaking about ???

John says:

Once again, Mooji’s pointings are mind blowing.
Many, many thanks !!!

Anonymous says:

……..Thank you ❤️

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