Mooji Video: A Few Moments in “Truth”

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This is an EXCELLENT video that can be watched anytime we feel caught up in the mind. Mooji works with this lady to show that even the “I” is also a phenomenon and ALL that is taking place is taking place in your presence.

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Paulin says:

Beautiful Video..
Thank you Mooji..

Kanchan says:

Really wonderful inward looking in ( in slow motion), Very very practical like a workshop. One can see even as Mooji points out slowly and surely, checking in as we see inwards the Truth of his pointing. Thank you so much. A must see for anyone having any doubts about their self enquiry or about the goal.
Thank you sooo.. much

Sylvie says:

Thank You for that message of truth…
Pela se, CAN You tell me what is the titre of the chante we hear at the end of the message?
Thank You.

Dennis says:

Wonderful <3

Lisa Lawwill says:

Whenever he says, ‘was it born? Can it die?’ Those questions give me pause. The expected answer, and the one everyone gives, is ‘no’. Aren’t we making a huge assumption though, that ‘this’ was not born when the body was born and will not die when the body dies? How can that be known for sure? This is the question I would ask Mooji if I ever got the opportunity. I’ve not heard anyone raise this question to him.

Lisa Lawwill says:

Never mind. Rupert Spira addresses this question

admin says:

Being “born” in the world of form is to “appear”. Since no FORM is permanent, that means that form is born and dies or appears and disappears. The “This” you are talking about is NOT form so it can not be “born”, it simply rises with the appearance of form.

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