Mooji on Forgiveness — Let It Go and Be Free

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A gem of a Satsang unfolds when Moojibaba is asked for guidance on forgiveness. We are given a look at the mind’s insistence to keep treasuring its rooted concepts even when the false is exposed and the suffering has become unbearable.

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Anonymous says:

Becouse we do what we do…….you deserve from my heart clear words by missing part to have,It was part of deal with black and last hope to save all of as,after my choose we have no more chanse for nothing,thay have openly secretfaar me,but after I ask my father tell me true about,He say to me you have never shanse to have to even for one try do doing something to self,even after born,so taken I was,and other choos was like trap for humanity and thay fall down …….even thay do not that I have save thay before…….all what next get happen is not in my hand,It is going to p.creator source,and want be processe given…..even we are all safe,thay make now last part not width war width deal……

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