Mooji Video: Mind Says “How?” – Heart Says “Now!”

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This excellent 6 minute video is in response to someone asking “Can you offer some advice on how we can stay more in the now?”  This is classic Mooji responding in the most direct way always pointing to the same undeniable truth.

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Kanchan says:

Thank you, I keep falling into this trap of how to be always in awareness all the time, fall a prey to the mind’s trick. It is becoming subtler and subtler to see through these traps. thank you Moojiji for the wonderful pointing. thank you sangha for the wonderful seva you all are doing. Actually, I and my friends are getting the just the right medicine, in the right dose, at the right time, without wasting much time searching for an answer.

Jaya says:

Sairam __()__ enjoying Mooji’s guidelines.

sally says:

I am Just Loves You.Thank You Guruji Mooji

elsie mary poliquin says:

Thank You Mooji for all you share in simplicity and profoundness…………………….


So so beautiful, how can we keep missing the obvious, and how long is it going to take for us to stop missing the obvious.

Emilia Antonieta Tavares de Oliveira says:

Muito muito preciso, este agora, que só pode ser agora, acontecendo agora, sem acontecer, e sem ninguem para contar o acontecimento. rsrs Obrigada meu Mestre, que AGORA, estás AQUÍ, SEM ESTAR, MAS SENDO A ÚNICA COISA POSSÍVEL DE ACONTECER, SEM ACONTECER, E ASSIM MESMO REVELANDO A “VERDADE” SOBRE TODAS AS APARENCIAS, QUE OCULTAVAM TUA PRESENÇA.

Anonymous says:

Leave the mind alone. When this is statement is understood and practiced a huge effortless unburdening takes place and there is pure freedom.

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