Mooji Video: Finding Peace and Harmony

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This beautifully produced 6 minute video covers a lot of ground and gives us a bird’s eye view of the beauty of Monte Sahaja, Portugal.

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Eric says:

Yep – right on time

Dave says:

The interviewer asked questions that I would like to know.

Angela says:

Beautiful. Thank you Beloved Mooji

Margit Rajda says:

Köszönöm szépen, Mooji!

Anonymous says:

It is so simple.

Carmi says:

Powerful ❤️ a very powerful words.

Joanne Lafond says:

Standing in life, facing pain, suffering, pleasure, all of it, be silent and empty. Instead of getting tools and be fixing, ensure that I forget about everything. Be completly nobody, completly empty of intention, of identity, of activity and have this time be the best bed, just like time for sleep, and totally love it, mature that state. Live from complete emptyness. 🙂 It is an opportunity that can be taken. It can be that way, If silence is the sound of the airplane, the wind, the river, people talking and prior to them, if empty is the need to eat, to breath, to have a role in life, to be important or not important and prior to them. Standing in life, facing pain, suffering, pleasure, all of it, has me be silent and empty. I am prior. Instead of getting tools and be fixing, mature. Thank you prior to Mooji

Danielle Choquette says:

Very very beautiful! _()_ <3 Thank you! Namaste! _()_

Danielle Choquette says:

Such a magnificent post! MoojiBaba,wonderful guide!So grateful! _()_ <3

Anonymous says:

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

John says:

Beautiful !!!
Namaste !!!


How beautiful, thank u for sharing your space with us and pointing us to reflect who we are, thank you again., so beautifull and peaceful.

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