Mooji Video: Who Is Saying “I Am That!”?

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In this very unique 8 minute video, Mooji focuses on explain what is meant by “I Am That” and most importantly he responds to the question, “who is saying I Am That”.   It’s very important to understand what Mooji is talking about here so lets get started…

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Colette says:

This is beautiful! I totally get it and can feel the knowing in the background. Things are now chaotic in our life, but practicing as much as possible not to identify with my mind.

My question to Mooji is, how is it possible, or is it possible for a physic medium to communicate with people that have past? This background engery is all knowing and alive. Mooji said that we immeditly reincarnate into another body when we dye. I know it’s my mind that wants to know, but it is important for me for my mind to connect with that. Thank you so very much! Colette

admin says:

Mooji never said that we get reincarnated immediately because if you listen carefully, Mooji doesn’t believe in reincarnation because it is not possible for the ONE to be TWO.

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