Mooji Video: No Experience Can Limit You

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During this beautiful 11 minute clip from a morning walk, Mooji shows us in a simple way how to overcome challenging states of mind and clarifies that our current state is not a true reading for who we really are.  Let’s clear our minds and listen…

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Anonymous says:


I have been a subscriber for years however the videos you send me no longer can be opened. It is as though the link is turned off. Can you explain?

Namaste’ Michael

admin says:

Yes, clear your “cache” and your history and they will start working again.

Anonymous says:

My cat likes Mooji. Every morning , once I open the satsang, my cat jumps up on my computer desk and rubs both the screen and speaker. She also does this odd ‘talking’ thing with just minimal sound, but frequent lip/mouth movement. As an experiment, the last 3 mornings I put on other tutorials with sound and she looked up but walked away. Today on the 4th morning of this experiment, I opened the satsang and she was up, rubbing the screen and “talking’ to Mooji. I realize this may seem trivial, but I have shared life with this fur being for 3 years and she only exhibits this behavior during satsang.
Passing on the love !
Namaste !

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