Mooji Video: Seeing the True Irrelevance of Thought

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In this amazing video, Mooji helps us see that thoughts are only as important as we make them out to be but that ultimately, even the “person” is only a thought construct that we empower through beliefs.

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Violeta says:

given clarity in my refinement of understanding the role of thought.

Eric says:

And so the wind of spirit comes to sweep away even thoughts …. Of which our persona or mask is even thought

Atma says:

….’even the “person” is only a thought construct that we empower through beliefs’. Such powerful words, thank you Sri Ramana Bhagavan, Sri Papaji and Sri Moojiji <3 <3 <3

Dave says:

These videos are the perfect way to end my day.

misha says:

Thank YOU, Love YOU

Anavadya says:

I want to hear this one everyday till it is irrevocably imbedded in my conscious being as absolute eternal knowing. Thank you Mooji l

Margit Rajda says:

Igen. Gondolatok, mint a felhő – jönnek,mennek. Csak ÉN Vagyok….Köszönöm!

Jude Covacevich says:

Thank you love you….

Hilda says:

No captions! Wish I could share this video with deaf viewers. Thanks for sharing this though.

Joanne Lafond says:

writing here is like writing to myself. This is all construct but so what? This is all illusion but so what? I love being the wind on command, the person on command, the story and now that I’m getting to see my self and remembering that I’m doing all of it, I don’t want to end it, or change anything. I like all that I’ve made possible. I like being parts. May I all calm down and enjoy it all and all of mes. Aren’t me beautifull. How about sitting on the mountain and look at a storm “together ” 🙂 , enjoy doing research, discover without any fear, walk in the awesomeness of what “we” can see and reveal of beauty. Peace is enough to enjoy my day. There is nothing to do and it is more than ok. I love the smile on my face. Love ya beautyfull me. 😉

Joanne Lafond says:

And today, I see that I take on big things, big changes, better awareness, strong or empty awareness to distract me of having no importance, nothing of importance to take on, from being so irrelevant and have nothing to do. No meaning to insult you, but I am neighter what you are saying as well and I thank you for all our words.

Susan says:

Thank you Mooji❤️❤️❤️
Anyone know the name of the background singer and/or song title?

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