Mooji Video: Are You in God’s Waiting Room?

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This wonderful Mooji video helps us to understand that we have always been the everlasting being.

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Eric says:

Light ( consciousness ). Is shining brightly through this video – oh my

misha says:

Love YOU, thank YOU

Tripta says:

Namaskar ,quicker Than a ray of light !

Anu Sehgal says:

Thank you , Thank You <3 <3

odete santos says:

Lindo gratidão Namaste

Joanie says:

Beautiful Truth! Thank you for sharing your discovery of God Self & awakening to the True You!

Richard says:

The music, though very pretty, is a distraction when added to Mooji’s commentary. Truth needs no enhancement.

Analia says:

Buenas noches ¿hay forma de escucharlo en español ? O subtitulos. Escuchar a Mooji es lo más increíble que me ha pasado. Muchas gracias . Namasté. Con Amor Ana

Anonymous says:

thank you!!!!THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous says:

Love you Mooji … grace

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