Mooji Video: A Place Beyond Doubt

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In this classic 10 minute video, Mooji explains that there is a place beyond doubt we can call “Living Experience”.   “If you washed away all the words that have been spoken and heard, even in your life; for one moment, if it could be swept aside, all your thoughts, all your imaginings could be left aside, there is something present that cannot be spoken about. Everything else is changeful in front of it.” Let’s listen to these amazing pointings…

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Welbers, Gisela says:

Like every time, this video was a special present from Mooji to his students. To be with him and you can hear falling a needle in my room – I know what he wants to say, same thoughts. May be, same borders but I feel why the people wanted come to him. To hear and speak with an entity that is a human, without thing like a human, being our god over our god.

Welbers, Gisela says:

„Without thing should be „without thinking“. Can you please change it for me? Thank you, please …

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