Mooji Videos: How to Deal With FEAR

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In this 9 minute video, Mooji provides amazing insight on how to deal with FEAR in our lives.  This is practical advice on how to go from fear to stillness. Since fear is something almost all of us experience, this makes this video and “must see” and bookmark to watch again and again.

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Eric says:

Right on time

Ave says:

Indeed, Mooji’s teaching is a helpful tool for daily life and tools… can apply to any situation.
Thank you for spreading it!

Anonymous says:

Yep, need to save this one to watch again and again. Observe……observe….observe!

Nikki . says:

My most favourite of many .I own nothing .I Love not owning.I am Truly Blessed because all I own is my personal
freedom Thank You Mooji In Lak’ech Ala K’in XXX


The power to interpret will be wekening, how peaceful that is. Thank u

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