Mooji Videos: Mooji Responds to the Question “Who are You?”

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Many of us want to know what a realized being would answer to the question “Who are You”. In this 10 minute video, Mooji responds to that exact question.

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roberto says:

mmmm so lovely…Thank You

Susan says:

the very first video of Mooji’s that I ever saw – certainly one of my favorites <3

Jaya says:

Thank you, SaiRam ___()___

florence palmer says:

My absolute favoriye. I will watch again and again. Blessings

Maria says:

“infinite awareness” explains everything. Thank you!

Ssrginho says:

Thanks sri mooji

Sherry Wilton says:

Most Lovely <3 Thank you. I needed to hear this today, thank both – YOU. <3 <3

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