Mooji Video: Deciding What to Do

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In this 10 minute video, Mooji offers some advice on what to do when you don’t know what to do. This video can provide great inspiration for decision making.

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Anna says:

Sooooo gooood, thank you!

Rene says:

This was so perfect for this moment as it confirmed what was shown in my dreams last night.

Thank you, Om Shanti

mary says:

Thank you!

Uche Realmy says:

Well about time! I was irked about being unable to get Mooji videos on YouTube. This changes things thanks

wicca rulez says:

I listened this twice,
realizing I am so vulnerable in my feelings.

I would like to Be more like U are telling how U experiences these earthly issues.
I really need to learn how I can let myself be silent.

Thank U for sharing your wisdom with us, Be Blessed with Love & Light.


Ileana says:

Dear Mooji,
You are an Eternal Guru. Your kindness and authenticity, your willingness to reveal your most vulnerable self, are an inspiration to me.
I love you Mooji

sally says:

Great Mercy of Knowing
Thank you for Being Here Now
I Love you Mooji Ji Baba
Loving you Is so Easy
Thank You

Ingrid henzler says:


Devora Lillian says:

Beautiful Beloved Mooji Baba , We are so Blessed …. Thank you fir these lovely daily uplifts 🙂 OM

Bill says:

Soooooooo AWESOME! Beautiful images, beautiful music, beautiful Mooji! Namaste!


Why suddenly this video has a background animation added with music? Previously it was just Mooji baba and the questioner . With this background it becomes very disturbing and one looses the concentration.Let Mooji baba only remain in the background with his golden speech . Kindly avoid tampering with the backdrop. OM

admin says:

The background stuff is there as a built in practice for you. Who is it that is letting a little background stuff get in the way of their understanding? You are welcome!

Anonymous says:

Why play music in the background? Isn’t Mooji sufficient?

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